A Truman Capote figure if you will

truman capote

I was returning from dinner about a block away and as I entered the lobby of my apartment building – I was immediately struck by this eccentric man, speaking to the night porter.

He had a top-hat and was wearing a smart green/brown tweed suit and a walking cane. Under his left arm he carried a small white dog (a poodle I think).

I caught only the end of the conversation but it was bout ‘inheritance’ or something like that.

He was a sort of Truman Capote type – if you know the kind I’m talking about. Initially I thought he might be British but I caught the twang of a southern drawl (another nod to Capote).

I know that there is a small dog resident somewhere on my floor as I’ve heard one bark on more than one occasion so I’m now wondering if this eccentric is a neighbour…

As is the case in London – all the world is here. Every type of society. And that’s what makes this city interesting.

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