Pride – when striking miners and gay rights activists joined forces

pride movie poster

I saw Pride at the movie theater (OK, cinema!) at Lincoln Center yesterday evening.  A really wonderful film – I can’t recommend it highly enough. It features Imelda Staunton, Bill Nighy and Dominic West among others. The whole cast was fantastic.

Best of all – it’s based on a true story from Thatcher’s 80s. A South Wales mining community – marginalised, bullied and beaten down by the police and by the government of the time – is supported and joined in solidarity by another much-maligned and ill-treated group – the gay community of that era. It becomes patently obvious that they have far more in common than they have that divides them. Although the miners’ strike was ultimately put down – as we all know – the lasting bond between the two groups proved instrumental with respect to progress within the gay rights movement itself and how legislation was moved forward due to the power of the miners’ block vote. See the film to understand what I’m talking about.

It was heart-warming, poignant, sad, uplifting, life-affirming. My favourite film of the year. Very highly recommended and you need not be gay, Welsh or a even a miner to connect with the story which transcends all of the labels. It’s a human story.

New York Times review.

Guardian ‘reel history’ piece.

Guardian background piece on the real story behind Pride – well worth reading if you enjoyed the film.


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  1. I looked the film up after you tweeted about it. It is not yet playing in many US cities but I go to the ‘arty farty’ cinemas here so I am hoping they will show it soon. I agree – cinema tickets are cheaper here…. they make their money on snacks and noisy popcorn all Americans seem to consume…

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