Almost done a month in the US

So it’s almost been a month. Where does the time go?

Starting to feel normal now. Inevitable I guess. I know my (new) colleagues well. There’s a tighter atmosphere than back home. That’s inevitable with a much smaller office. Also, due to the ‘hire and fire’ nature of New York employment laws – the people seem very good. None of the ‘dead wood’ that you get back home. ‘Dead wood’ just isn’t put up with here. No dinosaurs. I like it.

Tomorrow we have ‘games’ in the office in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to it. I like the culture. You would never get anything like that in London.

And no. It isn’t an option for me to ‘stay’. Not possible. I’m helping out during a particularly busy period and covering an absent colleague. If they did ever offer a new role here, I would have to compete for it against others.

Irrespective, it’s been a brilliant opportunity and my ‘stint’ here will stand me in good stead career-wise for other overseas jobs, and we have quite a few. I may have less than a month to go before returning to Pudding Island but that still gives me the time and space to do the things I want to do and to enjoy living in New York and in the US.

Sheridan is coming out and I’m also going down to DC to see old friends. So it’ll be busy. Also have some exciting work-related stuff coming up.

Good times.

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  1. Ok so what will Sheridan bring out from home that you are missing? I only went to DC for the first time this summer but loved it. Can’t believe it’s nearly a month already! It’s interesting to hear your perspective on the company US vs UK office……

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