Final stretch

Where does the time go?

I’m on my final stretch of these two months over here, Stateside.

It’s been great. A real adventure. Met so many people, done so many things. Shopped like it was going out of fashion. Have seen lots of New York.

It’s been wonderful to get out of London and be somewhere new. That sense of adventure is very real.

Have eaten too much. Have put on about 1/2 a stone (that’s about 7 lbs for those that don’t use the UK weight system). It may not be quite that much, but I’d say it is over 5 lbs. Hope I can lose it easily enough.

I could quite happily have stayed here until Christmas. The downside of the duration is that I’m just starting to settle down in some ways, work-wise anyway. Living in a corporate flat much longer wouldn’t really be for me. A bit too sterile. But workwise doing longer would have been good.

This evening – a great night out at a steak restaurant on Second Avenue hosted by a very senior London colleague who is over. Tomorrow a major work event which promises to be good fun. So many work events here – far more than at home.

So this is the final stretch. In 10 days time I’ll be heading home.

2 thoughts on “Final stretch

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  1. I’ll be back in London before you!!!
    Glad it has been a good experience overall. Did you end up visiting any places out of NYC?

    1. Nope haven’t left the city sadly. Work has been full on which hasn’t helped. Was meant to go to DC but that fell through at the last minute. Have a good time in London!

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