More than this

Has a special place for me this clip. Reminds me sooo much of my time in Japan. And other things.

I actually used to sing a song in JAPANESE at karaoke in my Japan days. It was such an institution. We went all the time. That sense of Zeitgeist looking back… so strong. Another time; another life; another person.

Adore, covet and love Lost in Translation. Speaks to me on so very many levels, the vast majority of which I can’t even begin to articulate.

“Everybody wants to be found”

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    1. Hm no I don’t remember you posting about it before.

      Odd coincidence — since posting that comment in December, I’ve been on a *massive* David Mitchell kick (Cloud Atlas, Bone Clocks) — he’s also British and lived in Japan for several years, and several of his novels are set in Japan (or partially). I’m about to run out of books of his: Black Swan Green.

      I really hate that feeling — when you run out of all of an author’s books. (Of course he’s going to write more, but Bone Clocks only JUST came out in hardcover.)

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