Radio silence

So I haven’t blogged since I got back from New York, a little over a month ago.

Hard to believe I was even there. It was such an adventure. I look back and it’s as if it was someone else – not me. All somewhat surreal. Living between Central Park and Times Square, working in Midtown East, hanging out in the Village, shopping on Fifth Avenue, walking in Central Park… you get the picture. I loved it, truth be told.

Back in London.

Work has been really horribly busy. I’m in a new role (same organisation). And the role is more like two roles. Plus I’m still doing my old, legacy role. So it’s been stupid-busy.

I did get to Italy for work earlier this week. Which was good. Though fleeting.

Next year will be manic. I’m still angling to get a proper stint abroad – one measured in years, not weeks or months. Plus ça change.

Another year goes by. Almost.

Seasons greetings to all and happy holidays! (Doncha just love my PC, American-style felicitation! 😛 )

3 thoughts on “Radio silence

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  1. So I normally say ‘Happy Holidays’ here but today I noticed a fair few people saying ‘Happy Christmas’ to me. You have to be careful here…. I hope you get the posting abroad for a while. I think it is something that would really do you good (hope that isn’t patroniSing). It is amazing what perspective does to you after a stint away though – as you see from your recent time in New York.
    I hope you tweet more over the ‘holiday season’ as I love you tweets about your family functions etc over Christmas!!!

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