‘Neglect’ is a word that comes to mind when I think of this blog. I remember days gone by (I’m talking several years ago) when everyone and their uncle blogged. It was de rigeur back then. Now? Well it’s like a fringe activity practised by a distinctly minority group.

I enjoyed blogging in ‘yesteryear’. Alas, it has been eclipsed by Twitter, pretty much hook line and sinker. Why spend time investing in writing a blog post when you can spew out your thoughts on a whim in 140 characters? I mean, why put yourself through the effort of writing a post?

A shame.

I maintain a distinct fondness for the Old Ways, for that period during which we all blogged. Thoughtful, interesting vignettes into others’ lives. I liked it.

I suppose I am stubborn insofar as I won’t scuttle this blog. Sure, I’ve thought about it frequently. But I’m not going to.

I want to get back to the old ways. Short, couplahundredword vignettes is what I’d like to get back to. On various subjects. Snippets if you will. Succinct. Musings. That sort of thing.

2 thoughts on “Neglect

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  1. No, no,no. No scuttling. That would be like burning old diaries and believe me, as you get older, you wish you had more diaries to fall back on to revive fading memories. I reread old blog posts from time to time and have NO recollection of writing them…..which can be especially scary if they were from last week !
    Looking forward to your vignettes as always…….but please throw in the occasional “full” entry every so often. Living in London, what may seem mundane to you could be an insight into a different and fascinating world to some of your readers.

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