Julie & Julia

Julie_and_juliaI forgot how much I liked this film, having caught it when it was on fairly late last night. Based on the blog of a true story – a young American woman – Julie Powell, who lives in the outer burbs of New York City – preparing all of the recipes from the classic recipe book of an American Francophile housewife chef – Julia Childs, over the course of a year.

The film, switching back and forth between Julia Child’s life in France (in the 1950s, as the wife of an American diplomat) and Julie’s life in naughties New York.

I just really enjoyed it. It reminded me of the ‘good’ side of blogging – starting from scratch, writing for oneself, realising – with genuine surprise – that others don’t seem to mind spending time reading what you’ve written either.

It captured a love of food, writing and France; strong themes for me.

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