Last Supper

Dinner out with close friends, eating al fresco on the street at a neighbourhood restaurant. Five years ago this month I moved to this area. The chapter – a long one – is coming to an end.

These very close friends, a couple – whose relationship has been on the rocks for some time – and they’re now calling it quits and going their separate ways. They’ve done couple counselling and all the rest of it. But it’s for the best.

They’re better than they’ve been in a while. In a better place. Tonight is their final night before each moves in a separate direction. She – to West London, he to North London.

I too will be leaving. I don’t know when yet, but it will be before autumn. Late summer probably. I own a property in South London (as those with long memories will know) and my plan is to move back to zone 3 suburbia. That place of 30 somethings and their 2.5 children. I will miss the inner city dreadfully but I will go there with a plan in mind (the plan being to get abroad with work, and thus not wanting to get myself into a new tenancy). I also want to sell my property – having owned it for 13 or so years. It’s very much time to move on. To the next place.

So tonight was bitter-sweet. Remembrances of the good times. Of shared endeavour. Mutual friends. Highlights. Low lights. Shared memories.

Life is all about chapters. They begin and at some point, they will surely end.

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