Decline and fall

According to the dashboard I’ve blogged only once in 8 months. The last time was back in October 2015 when I announced I was leaving central London to return to the ‘burbs (well, zone 3), where I currently am.

I have, on occasion, been inclined to write something but as often as not I think “what’s the point?” I guess you can blame Twitter for the relative death of blogging. That medium styles itself (or at least it did in the early days) as a ‘micro-blogging’ platform and that’s where 98.5% of the old bloggers I used to interact with have decamped to. A shame. I do enjoy reading the blogs of the very few people I used to regularly blog alongside.

The biggest trouble with blogging is that the ‘lifestyle’ or ‘dear diary’ type blogging style seems almost dead. Today, you either have to be a food blogger, photo blogger or some kind of single-issue blogger. Gone are the days when people treated blogging like a casual ‘open diary’ format – which I did enjoy. Sure, a handful of people still do – but they really are in the minority. I know this because I was part of the zeitgeist of that early noughties  blogging movement when it was in its infancy and, in retrospect, at its most enjoyable. Like Twitter, it was much more enjoyable in the early days than it is now.

Hard to believe that in the early days my (old) blog was picked up by both the BBC and the Guardian. It would be inconceiveable now. I used to review TV stuff and 10 years ago it was not uncommon for those sites to link to blogs. Nowadays, of course, they are linking to Twitter posts as you regularly see.

I might try and post a few photos and just be a bit more active here if I can. If not, then what’s the point of paying for the domain name?

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  1. As we both know, it can be very time consuming to blog regularly, at least if you have one that is read by many people and therefore comes with a sense of duty to keep going no matter what.
    I stopped for awhile too but given my advancing years and associated loss of memory, I decided to return with a “daily diary” type blog which i’d never done before.
    This was for purely personal/selfish reasons as I wanted to be able to read back the entries in later years or use it as a search database. Especially if the police ask for an alibi !!
    I was doing well until a few days ago when I was struck down by a savage cold and have not wanted to even power up the laptop since then. Hopefully I’ll be back…..AGAIN.
    So in conclusion (!!), welcome back and given the draws on your time, remember you can just regularly post a few lines to let us all know what you’re up to……it doesn’t need to be a War & Peace chapter.

    1. Ian – thanks for the reply. Hope you are on the mend from the cold.
      “This was for purely personal/selfish reasons as I wanted to be able to read back the entries in later years or use it as a search database. Especially if the police ask for an alibi !!”
      I think that’s a great reason for blogging!!! Had never thought about blogging in that way before.

  2. I certainly understand the sentiment — I had a blog at one point and increasingly found it ridiculously time-consuming. I started blogging right about the time that people had begun posting not just more images but also videos to their blogs, and I felt pressure to update from pure diary-entry to content rich with links and media. It was just exhausting.

    Still, I’ve missed your posts, even the ones where you just post a vintage image without much if any text. And as Ian says, you don’t always have to post anything long! 🙂

    (As for twitter, from a purely selfish point of view, for good or for ill I follow over 2k people, but do have email notifications when you post something new to your blog, so I’m more likely to see the latter, myself.)

  3. Your blog is great and I just found it so hope you keep it up. Had one myself some time back but blogging has up and down cycles in popularity and I haven’t done my own in a while. Hope you continue this one. It’s a lot of fun and good brain food as well.

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