Decline and fall

According to the dashboard I've blogged only once in 8 months. The last time was back in October 2015 when I announced I was leaving central London to return to the 'burbs (well, zone 3), where I currently am. I have, on occasion, been inclined to write something but as often as not I think... Continue Reading →

Julie & Julia

I forgot how much I liked this film, having caught it when it was on fairly late last night. Based on the blog of a true story - a young American woman - Julie Powell, who lives in the outer burbs of New York City - preparing all of the recipes from the classic recipe... Continue Reading →


'Neglect' is a word that comes to mind when I think of this blog. I remember days gone by (I'm talking several years ago) when everyone and their uncle blogged. It was de rigeur back then. Now? Well it's like a fringe activity practised by a distinctly minority group. I enjoyed blogging in 'yesteryear'. Alas, it... Continue Reading →

Radio silence

So I haven't blogged since I got back from New York, a little over a month ago. Hard to believe I was even there. It was such an adventure. I look back and it's as if it was someone else - not me. All somewhat surreal. Living between Central Park and Times Square, working in... Continue Reading →

Quarter of a million

Where does the time go. The rhetorical question one always finds oneself asking. Three months since last I blogged. And so much has happened in that time. I guess the key thing to say is that I'm now back in the world of (permanent) work after a hiatus / career break - call it what you... Continue Reading →

A five year milestone

I'd been meaning to get round to blogging about this for a while. As today is the last day of October - I can't really put it off. For this month marks five years of this blog. Hard to know where the last half decade has gone. All too fast. Lots of ups, downs and... Continue Reading →

Long hot summer

It's turning into a long hot summer. The projected high for today is 32c. I like it, though I keep my shutters mostly closed which means it can feel a bit claustrophobic at times (although the flat is thankfully fairly spacious and has high ceilings).What have I been up to? Freelancing, scoping for my next... Continue Reading →

Relaunching my blog for 2013

This is my first post for 7+ months. Yes, it's been too long. Yes, a lot has happened. No, nothing too awful (well I lost my job but believe me, I don't consider that 'awful'). A huge thank you to Suburbanmum who redesigned my blog, including vast amounts of tinkering, coding, migrating, nameservering, etc, etc.... Continue Reading →

Sun Salutations

Blogging is rather like doing exercise (which in my case has traditionally been going running or going to the gym) - you go through phases of being 'in the zone' and you do it and enjoy it a lot, but then you enter yet another hiatus phase and find it very difficult to get back... Continue Reading →

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