A river runs through it

I cycled south this evening, over Chelsea Bridge to see a flat not far from Battersea Park (which those with long memories may recall is perhaps my favourite London park). The journey - though short - isn't a great deal of fun. I live a privileged existence at present - cycling about 1 mile to work... Continue Reading →

So I got back on my bike today

Only the second time in the last 10 months or so (i.e. since I left full-time work at the end of autumn last year). Working from home these past few months - I just haven't needed to commute. In addition, there is a undoubtedly an element of 'losing one's nerve'. Cycling in London does take... Continue Reading →

Gearing up for the London Tweed Run

I was delighted to receive an email from the organisers saying that I was successful in the ticket lottery for this year's London Tweed Run, taking place on Saturday 6th May. My bike, though a modern hybrid, is jet black and with its brown Brooks saddle (bought weeks ago but still not fitted) - shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Flashride on Parliament Square

I joined a 2,000 strong 'flashride' after work this evening. It was in support of The Times 'Cities fit for Cycling' campaign which itself has resulted in a large number of MPs being contacted by their constituents - something I myself have done - demanding that the safety of cyclists and promotion of cycling in... Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle

  I can't seem to stop buying bicyle-related stuff; really I can't. After vacillating I have now bitten the bullet and ordered the Rolls Royce of cycling saddles. In fairness it was £60 (on offer at Chain Reaction Cycles) which isn't all that much. It's a Brooks - 'unquestioning British tradition' - Flyer. Their saddles are widely regarded... Continue Reading →

Cycling vignettes – 01/02/12

AM Very cold cycle into work as it was below freezing. I bought a (fairly cheap) high-viz jacket a month or so ago and it's surprisingly warm considering it's not all that thick. It also keeps out the wind which when cycling along the Thames (along Millbank) is really important as the sub-zero breeze coming... Continue Reading →

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