A peach schnapps

I made it two years ago when I was going through a serious cooking phase. I no longer have the recipe as it was from Diana Henry's Salt Sugar Smoke which I'd borrowed from the library. An excellent book devoted to preserving, pickling and bottling. I remember that a lot of peaches went into it.... Continue Reading →

Julie & Julia

I forgot how much I liked this film, having caught it when it was on fairly late last night. Based on the blog of a true story - a young American woman - Julie Powell, who lives in the outer burbs of New York City - preparing all of the recipes from the classic recipe... Continue Reading →

Home-made pizza

Dough has rye flour in it and came out nice and crispy (recipe had stated strong wholemeal flour - but I don't have any of that in so used rye). Topping was a puttanesca sauce (olives, garlic, capers, anchovies) - left-over from some savoury palmiers I made the other day for a joint party I... Continue Reading →

I call it ‘Jam and Jerusalem’

So I made a quince and star anise jelly, having picked up some quinces whilst 'in the sticks' last weekend. I wouldn't know where to buy such things in London (for a price, I'm sure they're available) - but out in the country they were fairly inexpensive. And here I must be honest. I had... Continue Reading →

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