High above the Valley of the Kings

As ever, the picture is better if you click on the cog and choose 720HD. This is a somewhat belated video from my Egyptian Nile cruise holiday last autumn. I previously blogged about the Abu Simbel trip, a horse-drawn carriage trip through Edfu and English-Patient-like views from the air. The hot-air balloon high above the Valley of... Continue Reading →

Ride like an Egyptian

Not the most scintillating video I have ever posted. However, it does show a snapshot of daily street life in Egypt. This taken in the town of Edfu (which has a large and truly awe-inspiring 2,200 year old temple - dedicated to the falcon god, Horus - which I will blog about another time). We... Continue Reading →

Flying past the roof of Africa

We caught a small twin otter aircraft that flew us from the capital down to the coast. You don't fly particularly high and it's very noisy (and no bathroom). The journey is about 1.5 hours. I am in love with Kilimanjaro - 'the roof of Africa'. At just under 20,000 feet above sea level it's... Continue Reading →

The Canadian Rockies in photos

I seem to have quite a few posts on Canada but I had such a great time it's hard not to. As mentioned elsewhere, we did the national parks of Jasper, Banff, Kootenay and Yoho, also Mount Robson provincial park (which is in British Columbia rather than Alberta) and also Kananaskis Country which I don't... Continue Reading →

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