Last Supper

Dinner out with close friends, eating al fresco on the street at a neighbourhood restaurant. Five years ago this month I moved to this area. The chapter - a long one - is coming to an end. These very close friends, a couple - whose relationship has been on the rocks for some time -... Continue Reading →

A river runs through it

I cycled south this evening, over Chelsea Bridge to see a flat not far from Battersea Park (which those with long memories may recall is perhaps my favourite London park). The journey - though short - isn't a great deal of fun. I live a privileged existence at present - cycling about 1 mile to work... Continue Reading →

Vignettes – 03/03/15

A leaving do for a work colleague. Venue a private members' club in St James'. My old stomping ground from days gone by (the area, rather than the club). I like these sorts of clubs - slightly stuffy yet also quite informal. Members on first name terms with all the staff. Lots of older people... Continue Reading →

Living my life in technicolor

When I arrived at the apartment two weeks ago I found him standoffish and abrupt; rude almost. He was the doorman stroke night porter. A young-ish guy. Late 20s. Possibly early 30s. Very strong 'New York' accent. First generation American, hailing from Eastern Europe. Escaping the genocide. He was rude bordering on abrupt back then.... Continue Reading →

A Truman Capote figure if you will

I was returning from dinner about a block away and as I entered the lobby of my apartment building - I was immediately struck by this eccentric man, speaking to the night porter. He had a top-hat and was wearing a smart green/brown tweed suit and a walking cane. Under his left arm he carried a small... Continue Reading →

Vignettes: Alone in New York

Photo not mine. Sitting at the counter-top with the other single people in the evening for dinner. Going to different places most evenings. Sometimes making small talk. Sometimes not. Watching the world go by. Every day. Power-walking past the Rockefeller Center every morning, on my way to work. Falling into a routine. Buying my coffee... Continue Reading →

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