Julie & Julia

I forgot how much I liked this film, having caught it when it was on fairly late last night. Based on the blog of a true story - a young American woman - Julie Powell, who lives in the outer burbs of New York City - preparing all of the recipes from the classic recipe... Continue Reading →

A river runs through it

I cycled south this evening, over Chelsea Bridge to see a flat not far from Battersea Park (which those with long memories may recall is perhaps my favourite London park). The journey - though short - isn't a great deal of fun. I live a privileged existence at present - cycling about 1 mile to work... Continue Reading →

1960: World Port

Once upon a time, travelling by plane was exciting and glamourous. Something to look forward to. It's all so very tawdry now. As is not unusual on this blog - I'm looking back, fondly, at an earlier age.

Vignettes – 03/03/15

A leaving do for a work colleague. Venue a private members' club in St James'. My old stomping ground from days gone by (the area, rather than the club). I like these sorts of clubs - slightly stuffy yet also quite informal. Members on first name terms with all the staff. Lots of older people... Continue Reading →


'Neglect' is a word that comes to mind when I think of this blog. I remember days gone by (I'm talking several years ago) when everyone and their uncle blogged. It was de rigeur back then. Now? Well it's like a fringe activity practised by a distinctly minority group. I enjoyed blogging in 'yesteryear'. Alas, it... Continue Reading →

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